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Email: info@ilinktech.com.hk
Tel: 852--3568 8838
Fax: 852--3568 8836


Main Services

Domain ReGistration Services
You can register your domain name though I-LINK TECHNOLOGY without any handling charge. Then, simply reserve your domain on our DNS Server for future usage or joining our services such as web hosting, E-mail & FTP and etc. Otherwise, you can also though I-LINK TECHNOLOGY to point the domain to your own Web Server. Or redirect the visitor to your new domain.


Web Hosting Services
By a rapidly grow, I - LINK TECHNOLOGY can provide a Complete Hosting solutions for you at a reasonable pricing. We offer 9 plenty space for you to store your web site and valuable projects you are working on. Stabile bandwidth and redundant connections allow our services to guarantee 99% uptime on all sites. 30 day money back guarantee ensures our client will enjoy with our hosting service. You can choose to hosting in different platform like: Linux / Windows while you desire to use different advance website authoring script.


E-mail & FTP Services
Our flexible email packages that allow you to use your domain name as your email address to reinforce your online identity. For example: sales@yourcompany.com. And the Services of FTP offer the plenty space for you to store your data and valuable projects you are working on. Stabile bandwidth and redundant connections allow our services to guarantee 99% uptime on all sites.


Web DesiGn
We can nicely presents your corporate information in user-friendly web space and bringing you a distinctive corporate identity. If you want to benefit from the unlimited business opportunities, and arise from Internet advancements. Then, Join Us. Build your site in clear communications as your trademark by us.


Web ProGramminG
To fulfill your goals and objectives, develop technical specifications, and assist with the creative with organizational, and marketing efforts of Web site projects. Our programmers, designers, and authors will work together to build the sites that meet your demanding specifications for appearance and functionality.


Server ManaGement
Deploy newest processors running the new version of Red Hat Linux and Windows operating system. Our rack-optimized servers offer the latest technologies and 2 hot-swap redundant power supplies to protect your data. Each hosting solution can fully scale to meet your ever-growing bandwidth requirements. Optional value-added management services are also available for your special requirement. You can enjoy unparalleled performance and get ideal response from your web site, forum or other server side programming. Click to see our facilities.


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